On behalf of the IEEE CAI 2023 Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute to the IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IEEE CAI).

Important Dates:

Workshop & Panels proposal deadline: 1 February

Poster paper submission deadline (2 pages max): 19 March 31 March

Acceptance notifications and reviewers’ comments: 30 April

Final reviewed submission deadline: 21 May

Papers submittals for Posters, Workshops, and Panel Proposals 

IEEE CAI seeks original, high-quality proposals describing the research and results that contribute to advancements in the following AI applications and verticals:  

AI in Healthcare/Life Sciences

Explores the need for improved decision-making to assist medical practitioners as well as additional medical issues including personnel allocation and scheduling, automated sensing, improved medical devices and manufacturing processes, and supply chain optimization.
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AI in Transportation/Aerospace

Focus includes the optimal design of aerospace systems using AI;  large- and small-scale transportation systems; deep learning for autonomous driving; and autonomous decision-making in long-term space flight management.
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AI in Energy

AI tools have a noticeable impact on energy sectors and can be utilized in Power load forecasting, Power generation forecast of renewable energy to improve agility and resilience; Smart Grid Control, and Power Network Security Protection. 

Industrial AI

Addresses robust cyber-security; the effective use of Digital Twins, and Comprehensive Prognostics and Health Management for industrial assets in Aviation, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation, to reduce/eliminate unplanned maintenance events.  
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AI for Earth Systems Decision Support

AI helps predict the impacts of complex events on industries such as Power Utilities, Agriculture, and Insurance.
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Societal Implications of AI

We will cover Explainability and Interpretability, to enhance understanding, trust, and informed decision making; Transparency in the AI data, system, and business; Privacy, Governance Risk, and Compliance; Robustness, Security/Resilience to attacks; and Fairness/Bias.
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Papers accepted by IEEE CAI will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore ® Digital Library. Selected high-quality papers will be further invited for submission to a journal special issue.